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Ladies nights resume on Saturday nights as usual (excluding amaal nights if they fall on a Saturday)! This year the ladies have several activities to choose from on a drop-in basis or to participate in a tournament format.


Drop-In Activities:

Badminton will be open on a drop-in basis for the first hour every Saturday in Gym 1 (stage side). Badminton drop-in is $2 each Saturday.


Table Tennis will be open on a drop-in basis from 10:30pm to 2:00am every Saturday downstairs in the Games Room. Table Tennis Drop-in is $5 each Saturday.



Badminton: Intermediate Doubles – currently all spots are full
Badminton: Advanced Singles – currently all spots are full
Table Tennis: Singles (any level) – currently all spots are full
Volleyball: 6 team pool – currently all team spots are full


All tournament games will be taking place from 10:30pm to 2:00am during the designated tournament dates on Ladies Nights.


Ramadhan Ladies Boot Camp is also back!

Dates remaining: June 15 and June 20
Time: 10:30pm to 11:30pm
Location: Games Room (downstairs JCC)
Cost: $5 per session

Notes: Bring a mat and water bottle



For any questions or concerns regarding ladies sports, please contact us by email at


July 2nd Schedule

For all schedules below, please click on any of the images to download a printable PDF version


Badminton Schedule


Badminton Schedule

Volleyball Schedule


Volleyball Schedule

Table Tennis Schedule

Table Tennis Schedule



For all score charts below, please click on any of the images to see a full size version


Badminton Intermediate Standings

Intermediate Badminton Standings


Badminton Advanced Standings

Advanced Badminton Standings


Table Tennis Standings

Table Tennis Standings


Volleyball Standings

Volleyball Standings